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20 Years of Trusted Experience of Foundation Repair in Oklahoma City

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"We're proud of our homes in OKC. When I learned my foundation was failing, I knew I needed to call a local company I trusted. Better Foundation Repair OKC was recommended to me by a neighbor and we couldn't be happier with the services. The crew came the next day to give us a quote and we're prompt and professional throughout the process!"
SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIME FOCUS for foundation services

Better Foundation Repair OKC is the Most Popular Foundation Repair Company in Oklahoma!

Foundation Repair in OKC

Foundation repair techniques proven effective and durable
Slab jacking foundations that require repair following the industry's guidelines.
House leveling in Oklahoma City is safe and simple with our crew!

Waterproofing Services

Is it time to do a service for basement waterproofing in OKC?
Crawl space encapsulation and crawl space vapor barriers for healthier environments
Top solutions for sump pump installation and French drain installation

Working Meticulously Every Day!

The most responsive foundation repair contractors in OKC
WARRANTIES on all parts used and labor services provided.
Fully licensed and insured in the state of Oklahoma for your peace of mind.

Better Foundation Repair Oklahoma City - Setting the Industry Standards for Foundation Repair Companies!

Foundation repair in Oklahoma and throughout the country is, without a doubt, a skilled trade. General contractors aren't capable of performing the same services that you'll obtain by partnering with the pros from Better Foundation Repair Oklahoma City.

We've done extensive training and education to accurately and quickly assess the current condition of several home foundation types, including pier and beam, concrete foundations, and slab foundations. Our OKC foundation repair company also suggests reasonable resolutions for basement waterproofing, crawl space services, and sump pump and French drain installations.

Your home or business foundation is what protects your structure, your family or employees, and everything inside. A simple crack foundation repair in Oklahoma may be all that's required to keep you safe for years to come.

Get the details, including an honest answer to your foundation repair requirements, by calling today.

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Foundation Repair in Oklahoma City is Just the Beginning!

We know to be the best foundation repair company in OKC, we have to provide every service and repair related to the industry. We have an exclusive list of selections available. Discover just what we're capable of right now.

Fast Foundation Repair

You don't want to put your life on hold for a foundation repair in Oklahoma City. We work quickly to get in and out of your way as soon as possible. Our team cleans up the mess leaving you with nothing else to do.

Crawl Space - We'll Do It!

Have you called local foundation repair companies only to be disappointed when they revealed they don't do crawl spaces? That's okay because we aren't afraid to go down there. We perform crawl space vapor barriers and encapsulations.

Affordable Waterproofing

Waterproofing your home or commercial foundation is a guarantee that your structure will remain protected from water infiltration, mold and mildew growth, and even pest infestation. Learn the details and get your customized quote for FREE by calling our team.

Basement Repair Now

Stop avoiding that basement repair in OKC and take care of it sooner with Better Foundation Repair Oklahoma City. We have same-day appointments for some services. Call to find out more!

Residential Services

Keep your dream home and beloved family on solid ground with our long list of residential foundation repairs. We keep our prices reasonable and only employ respectful contractors.

Commercial Services

Commercial foundation repair services in OKC are a bit more extensive than traditional residential services. We have the heavy-duty machinery and methods that work.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Foundation Repair

Having questions about your foundation repair in Oklahoma City is entirely natural. Here are a few quick answers from our technicians to help you understand what to expect.

How expensive is foundation repair in Oklahoma City?

All Oklahoma foundation solutions are unique. We don't put a standard price on our services. Average foundation services for homeowners nationally is around $4,477. However, depending on the severity, it could be as little as $500 for a small foundation crack repair. Find out precisely what you'll be anticipated to pay by calling for your FREE quote.

What's the best method for foundation repairs?

Like the price, we can't apply a one-size-fits-all method to foundation repairs in Oklahoma City, OK. We will send a licensed and qualified foundation repair contractor to your site to assess the construction and condition. Then, we will provide you with a list of options that are suitable based on the type of foundation you have. Pier and beam, slab foundations, and concrete foundations are just a few of the possibilities.

Do foundation repairs last?

In most situations, we can't predict specifically how long your foundation repair will last. We use established techniques and special tools and equipment to ensure a quality finish. In addition, you get a WARRANTY on the service. So, in essence, your foundation repair from Better Foundation Repair OKC lasts a lifetime.

Interested in Diving Deeper into Foundation Repair Services in OKC?

Those who haven't had to face foundation repair services in Oklahoma City, OK can easily overwhelm the mind with all the information coming your way. We don't want to stress you out, so we've compiled some useful details for you to begin with. Review it now, and then call for your FREE quote for Oklahoma foundation solutions!

Foundation Inspections in Oklahoma City That Are Transparent and Honest

Some foundation inspections in OKC that you have at your disposal aren't all that they're cracked up to be. Dishonest inspectors will tell you that you need a quality foundation repair that isn't really necessary just to make more money. We keep your report impartial, so you aren't stuck overpaying.

Schedule an on-site or virtual foundation inspection that works with your lifestyle. We encourage you to walk with your professional and have all of your questions answered as we go.
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Foundation Crack Repairs Aren't As Difficult if You Take Care of Them Now!

The quicker you schedule a foundation crack repair in OKC, the less expensive it's going to be. Why? Because the longer you wait, the deeper, longer, and more extensive that crack gets. The worse it gets, the harder it is for us to repair, so we have to charge more.

A licensed and qualified foundation repair contractor will come to your location today and give you the truth about your foundation, offering a list of possible resolutions.

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House Leveling in Oklahoma City - Wait Until You See What We Can Do

Can you imagine what it takes to do a  house leveling in Oklahoma City? Have you ever seen a project like this being developed? There are machines, tools, and foundation specialists strategically placed to move the home back to the original positioning or as close to it as safely possible without causing further damages and foundation problems.

Instead of stressing over the house leveling in Oklahoma City OK that you've been pretending isn't necessary, speak with our friendly and helpful technicians about how we can assist you. Our customer service reps are standing by to provide your free estimate.
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Basement Foundation Repairs & Basement Waterproofing for OKC Homes and Businesses

Your basement foundation in Oklahoma City is part of the valuation of your property. When there's something awkward with it, then your property value decreases. Avoid irreversible damages and call us right now if you suspect there's a problem with your basement.

Feel comfortable utilizing that extra square footage with our comprehensive and affordable basement waterproofing choices too. Locate the information you're missing by contacting Better Foundation Repair OKC.

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Slab Foundation Repairs That Are Cost-Effective and Long-Lasting

Homes are frequently built on slab foundations in Oklahoma City, and we've worked on many over the years. Sometimes the shifting soil or weather conditions will cause your slab foundation to become less sound in its positioning. We figure out what's happening and make it right.

Slab foundation repair is available at competitive rates by the best among foundation companies in OKC. All you have to do is call and get a free estimate to get the ball rolling. We're waiting to hear from you for the best foundation repair!
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construction of commercial pier and beam foundation in Oklahoma City

Pier and Beam Foundation Repairs - Is It What You're Building Requires to Stay Structurally Sound?

Is there a broken pier or beam in your foundation system? We can replace what's damaged, so you don't have to deal with major interior renovations.

Cracked drywall and gaps around your doors are good indicators that you have foundation problems. Let us go down and investigate for you. Give us a call for your pier and beam foundation repair today! We guarantee a fantastic job. 

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Our Service Areas for Foundation Repair -  Oklahoma City & Beyond

Our Oklahoma City service areas reach beyond the county seat where we're located. We travel with our high-quality tools, superior techniques, and skilled foundation contractors to all of the regions posted below.

Even if you're somewhere close to these cities, give us a call. You could be the next one we add to the list. You won't know for sure until you ask, so contact our crew today!

Oklahoma City
El Reno
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Get the Foundation Repair Solutions Resource You Need with a FREE E-Book!

When you need information about the foundation of your home, we created the perfect resource for you to learn about foundation problems. Our new free e-book targets homeowner's FAQs about foundation repair including the foundation inspection process, signs your foundation has issues and how to identify, and how to hire the right foundation repair company.

Get started by filling out your name and email to download the e-book!

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Longest-Lasting Foundation Repairs in OKC!

Worry-free, affordable, and efficient foundation repairs, waterproofing, and sump pump installations are what we provide the people in Oklahoma City. Licensed and Insured. Qualified Contractors. Call us at (405) 554-0018
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